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Find the right electrician for the right price
Juggling contractors is uncoordinated, time-consuming and stressful. We make it easy to find the right electrician.

avoid the risks

Hiring the wrong electrician can have serious consequences

Wrong Solution

High Price

Poor Quality

Most electricians lack specialized knowledge of charging products.

The price variance on most home
projects is between $500 - $1000.

Not all electricians share the same commitment to their work.

how it works

We streamline your installation with an elegant process

1 Site Assessment

We design your charging solution and
define the project requirements.

3 Estimates

We invite pre-qualified electricians to
compete for your project online.

Select Winner

You select the winner based
on availability and price.

task sharing

Enjoy a seamless experience from start to finish

Abstract Energy
Main point of contact
Identify rebates and incentives
Facilitate site assessment
Design charging solution
Define project requirements
Streamline contractor selection
Supply charging products
Follow-up after completion
Electrician Partner
Schedule installation
Pull municipal permit
Complete electrical work
Facilitate municipal inspection


Say goodbye to hassle, inefficiency and stress


Eliminate redundant requests and
site visits in the selection process.


Compare 3 online estimates in just
2 business days from home.


Multiple estimates will ensure you
receive a competitive price.


This is a FREE service for residential customers

cost savings

We eliminate the need for
redundant site visits.

Price Discount

Our contractors offer pricing that is
below their normal market value.

Project Fee

Your selected electrician pays us
a small fee for the project.


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