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Juggling contractors is uncoordinated, time-consuming and stressful. We make it super easy to find the right electrician.

avoid the risks

Hiring the wrong electrician can have serious consequences

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Wrong Solution

High Price

Poor Quality

Most electricians lack specialized knowledge of charging products.

The price variance on most home
projects is between $500 - $1000.

Not all electricians share the same commitment to their work.

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We streamline your installation with an elegant process

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Site Assessment

We design your charging solution and
define the project requirements.

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We share your project with top-rated contractors in our network.

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We match you with the right
contractor for the right price.


Say goodbye to hassle, inefficiency and stress


Sit back and relax - we manage your
entire project from start to finish.

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Need a fast turnaround? We'll find
you the first contractor available.


Enjoy peace of mind with our
Happiness Guarantee.


Our business model creates efficiency and cost savings

Cost Savings

We reduce site visit and estimating
costs by sharing information.

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Our contractors provide discounted
pricing for your project.

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You pay your selected contractor
after the work is complete.


We work with the biggest EV brands in Canada


Here's what our customers are saying

Absolutely flawless.
- Avi T.
I liked everything from the initial assessment meeting to the final installation process, it was a breeze.
- Tony C.
Great service! The pricing was great and the work was done on schedule.
- Todd H.
The next time you need any electrical work done, make sure you call Abstract Energy. The service they provide will make finding the right electrician for the right price extremely effortless.
- Joe M.
Abstract Energy made getting my charger installed straight forward and simple.
- Sean B.
The convenience of making one phone call and having Abstract Energy take care of everything involved in getting your charging station installed was great. From quotes, to permits to installation, one call really did do it all.
- Tracey P.
The entire process was seamless and convenient.
- Denny L.
Super fast response time, punctual, and made everything a breeze to charge my new car!!
- Marvin S.
Clean, fast and efficient.
- Tim P.
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