Find the right electrician, quickly and easily
Hiring the wrong electrician can be risky, painful and expensive. We make it easy to hire the right electrician.

avoid the risks

Hiring the wrong electrician can have serious consequences

Wrong Solution

High Price

Poor Quality

Most electricians lack specialized knowledge of charging products.

The price variance on most home
projects is between $500 - $1000.

Not all electricians share the same commitment to their work.

how it works

We streamline your installation with an elegant process

1 Site Assessment

3 Estimates

Select Winner

We design your charging solution and define the project requirements.

We invite pre-qualified electricians to compete for your project online.

You select the winner based on
reputation, timing and price.


Say goodbye to hassle, inefficiency and stress




No more juggling requests and site
visits, then hoping for a good deal.

Receive 3 estimates in just 2 business days after your assessment.

Multiple estimates will ensure you
receive a competitive price.


This is a FREE service for residential customers

Cost Savings

Price Discount

Project Fee

We reduce the job acquisition cost
for electricians in our network.

You receive a price that is below
their normal market value.

Your selected electrician pays
us a small fee for the project.


98% of our customers rate their experience 5/5