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Competing for new projects is expensive and time-consuming. We make it easy to source turnkey projects online.

how it works

We streamline each installation with an elegant process

1 Site Assessment

We design the charging solution and
define the project requirements.

3 Estimates

We invite pre-qualified electricians to
compete for the project online.

Select Winner

Our customer selects the winner
based on availability and price.


Run a more efficient and profitable business

Add Jobs

Fill scheduling gaps and pick up
extra jobs - quickly and easily.

Save Money

Eliminate wasted site visits and
reduce job acquisition costs.

Save time

Focus on value-added activities
that grow your business.


Only pay for the projects you win

Free Membership

There is no fee to join our network
and you can opt-out anytime.

Unlimited Jobs

Compete for as many projects as
you like - there are no restrictions.

Pay Per Project

You pay a pre-determined fee after
the installation is complete.

task division

We manage the customer, you do the electrical work

Source customer
Qualify customer
Educate customer
Identify rebates/incentives
Facilitate site assessment
Design charging solution
Define project requirements
Supply charging products
Invoice selected electrician
Abstract Energy
Selected Electrician
Schedule installation
Complete electrical work
Facilitate municipal inspection
Invoice customer
Pay for project
Pull municipal permit
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