Win more deals
Make it easy for your customers to go electric
You lose deals when your EV customers struggle to install home charging. We help keep your deals together.


You lose deals when your EV customers struggle

Too Expensive

Your deal can fall apart if the
installation cost is too high.

No Expertise

Your deal can fall apart if electricians
lack knowledge of products/rebates.

No Support

Your deal can fall apart if your
customer feels unsupported.

how it works

We streamline each installation with an elegant process

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1 Site Assessment

We design the charging solution and
define the project requirements.

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3 Estimates

We invite electricians in our network
to compete for the project online.

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Select Winner

Your customers selects the winner
based on availability and price.


Say goodbye to hassle, inefficiency and stress


Eliminate redundant requests and
site visits in the selection process.

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Compare 3 online estimates in just
2 business days from home.

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Multiple estimates will ensure your
customer receives a competitive price.


This is a FREE service for residential customers

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cost savings

We create cost savings in the selection
process by sharing information.

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Price Discount

Our contractors offer pricing that is
below their normal market value.

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Project Fee

The selected electrician pays us
a small fee for the project.


Our network of EV dealers is growing fast

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