the problem

The only way to hire the right electrician and guarantee a competitive price is to get multiple estimates. Unfortunately, the selection process is uncoordinated, time-consuming and stressful. Here is what the current process looks like:
3 Requests
The first step is to do your research and create a list of the top electricians you would like to compete for your project. You may need to contact more than 3 because some may not respond to your request. This step requires a lot of juggling phone calls and schedules.

3 Site Visits
Each electrician will complete their own site visit because they need to determine the project requirements and they want to build a rapport with you. You will need to make yourself available for all 3 appointments and repeat the same information during each visit.

3 Estimates
Once you have all 3 estimates, you need to compare and contrast your options in order to select the winner. Many EV owners struggle with this step because it can be difficult without any knowledge of electrical systems or EV charging products.

the Solution

We create efficiency and cost savings in the selection process by sharing information and eliminating redundancy. We define the project requirements and pre-qualified electricians compete for the electrical work - it's that easy. Here is what our process looks like:
1 Request
We are your main point of contact and manage the entire project from start to finish. All electricians in our network are handpicked based on customer ratings and they are licensed, bonded and insured.

1 Site Visit
You can complete our self-inspection form and we'll start the process right now for FREE - it's super easy. Or if you prefer, we can schedule a professional site visit instead.
3-5 Estimates
We create a clear project outline with all the information that electricians will need to provide an accurate estimate online. We will help you select the winner based on timing and price.

why choose us?

We streamline the selection process by eliminating the need for redundant site visits. which means less research, less calling around and less juggling appointments.

Most EV owners require 2-4 weeks from request to installation. At Abstract Energy, you will receive 3-5 estimates within 2 business days and many projects are completed within 1 week.

Competition is the best way to drive down the cost of your installation and some of the electricians in our network offer discounts to fill unplanned scheduling gaps.