Property Managers

Installing EV charging in a multi-unit residential property can be a daunting task, so we streamline this process by becoming the “Project Manager” for your installation. These are the services that we provide:

  • Consultation

  • Site evaluation

  • Charging solution

  • Charging products

  • Selecting an electrician

  • Final inspection

  • Rebates & incentives

Some questions to consider for your installation:

  1. Do you want to generate revenue, cover costs or provide free charging?

  2. Do you want to restrict access to specific residents?

  3. Do you want to remotely monitor and control each station?

  4. Do you want to share power between multiple stations?

  5. Do you want to prepare for additional charging installations in the future?


If your Property Manager is not able to assist with your charging installation, but they have given you approval to collect your own estimates - we can help. Let us know how many residents in your building are interested in charging, then we’ll provide a site evaluation, create a tailored solution and invite electrical contractors to compete for your installation. If you need help getting your Property Manager on board, we can meet with them to discuss the benefits and help change their mind.

Charging Stations

Depending on your preferences for management, control, access, reporting, billing, price, design, warranty, service and other important factors, we will create tailored solutions with a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons of each. We carry all the best products and solutions on the market.

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