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The 5 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When You Install Home Charging

#1 Don’t Hire A Professional

You may be thinking of doing electrical work yourself or hiring a handyman to save some money. The problem is, you don’t know what you don’t know. A faulty or deficient installation can result in an electrical fire, causing injury or even death. And since insurance does not cover unlicensed electrical work or worker safety in your home, you are held responsible if anything goes wrong. You have unlimited liability and zero recourse. 

#2 Don’t Shop Around

All electricians are not created equal and the variance in expertise, quality, service, price and availability is much bigger than most people would expect. The ONLY way to avoid hiring the wrong electrician and guarantee a competitive price is to get 3+ estimates. Unfortunately, the selection process is quite painful, but competition will make each electrician try harder to win your project and you can filter out the bad options.

#3 Value Price Over Expertise

EV owners that only focus on price often end up spending more money. Huh? Most electricians lack specialized knowledge of EVs, charging products and incentives, so they are not even qualified to recommend the best charging solution for you. The most common example we see is customers being told they need to upgrade their electrical service ($3k and up), which is more than double the cost of an energy management system.

#4 Wait Too Long

If possible, try to install home charging before you take delivery of your EV. This is the beginning of a new lifestyle for you and stressing about where to charge next can quickly turn excitement into remorse. The worst time to be shopping for electrical work is when you need it because you are more likely to rush the process, make a mistake and hire the wrong electrician. It’s better to be super early than a little late.

#5 Don’t Plan Ahead

After you purchase this EV, will the next vehicle purchase in your household also be electric? Will it be the same automotive brand? Will you share one charging station or will you want to install another? Will you want to take your charging station with you when you move? Whatever the case may be, you can save money and avoid future headaches by planning ahead with the help of an EV charging expert.


Most EV owners struggle to install home charging because hiring the wrong electrician can be risky, painful and expensive. At Abstract Energy, we make it easy to hire the right electrician by defining the requirements for your project and inviting pre-qualified contractors to compete for the electrical work online. You receive 3-5 estimates within 2 business days and select the winner based on reputation, timing and price.